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  • As part of the weekend’s cultural celebration, we have also included a raffle, which will take place on the Main Stage, of which we are seeking in-kind support in the form of donated goods or services.

    Your contribution will assist the Oakleigh Glendi as it endeavours to continue to support and promote cultural diversity within Melbourne, by running this iconic two-day multicultural festival in Oakleigh.

    All businesses that donate a prize will be listed on the raffle ticket, brochure and website.

    Raffle Donation forms must be returned submitted by Monday 22nd July.

    For enquiries please contact Oakleigh Glendi Event Management on 1300 663 450 or email oakleighglendi@fruitbowl.com.au.

  • On behalf of the organisation mentioned above, I would like to donate a raffle prize for the 2019 Oakleigh Glendi.